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Time is ticking down to this year’s 3iC which is being held on 15th, 16th and 17th April. This year’s challenge is shaping up to be more exciting and fun than ever before with the inclusion of Hobies and a Cruising Yacht rally from Puerto Galera Yacht Club. Romblon Yacht Club wishes to thank the organisers from Lake Taal Yacht Club, Phinsaf and Puerto Galera Yacht Club for considering our unique event. I personally have sailed and raced for many years and the uniqueness of this event still poses a challenge to personal sailing abilities. We have endeavoured to give a mix of events over the 3 days to try and catch the imagination of competitors. The itinerary for the 3 days is:

  • Friday 15th April – Catamarans rig and get on the water for familiarisation sail on Romblon Harbour. Sail into main harbour for a mini “parade of sail” for the town’s inhabitants to see the boats. Collect in the harbour for a little while and then a fun race up to Bon-Bon Beach. The start of this race will be a little different. The Montenegro ferry leaves the pier at approximately 1pm and the fleet will follow behind and on the sides of the ferry and the captain shall blast his horn to start the race. No sailing is permitted in the path of the ferry. This is just a fun race so cheating is permitted and no protesting is allowed, and the winner is the first to reach the shore at Bon-Bon beach.
  • Friday 15th April – Yachts and non-racing family and friends. There will be a free tour of the marble plants and carvers, a town tour and a tour of the restored Fort San Andreas.
  • Friday 15th April – Social. After beaching catamarans on Bon-Bon Beach (there will be security guards present all night to keep the catamarans safe), and after all the tours please make your way to the Marlin Bar between 3.30 pm – 4.00 pm for the very famous RYC crab races and there will be sausage sandwiches for purchase provided by our sponsor GIGI’s Meat Products for anyone that is feeling a bit peckish. This is an exciting racing performance by our many local crab residences and you will be able to place a bet, hopefully on the winner, and you may also keep your winning crab as an added bonus (animal cruelty rules do apply to our crabs so they need to go to good homes). Following the crab race we will be heading to one of our sponsors establishments, the “Romblon Deli” for the “Friday Night Deli Delight” where a discussion of the day’s events will be had. Beer o’clock, music and good food will be available for purchase and this will be hosted by David and Tess Kershaw.
  • Saturday 16th April – Mariners Sprint Race for Catamarans. This is a straight sprint race with no handicapping whatsoever and you can use any number and size of sails and crew that you want to sail with. The course is decided on wind conditions of the day. The first year was around 2 of the islands everyone going the same way, the second year’s event was across Tablas Straight and around 1 marker at San Augustine and then back to Romblon. This is purely a 1st, 2nd and 3rd across the line prize event. Dust off those spinnakers and oversize jibs for this race. Start and finish out the front of the Marlin Bar.
  • Saturday 16th April – Mariners Sprint Race for Yachts. This is also a sprint race and the PGYC Rally Organisers can choose a course to suite the yachts and conditions. PGYC Rally Organisers can decide whether to have a handicap or sprint race. Start and finish in Romblon Harbour.
  • Saturday 16th April – Non Competitors. Any non-competitors are welcome to the use of free kayaks from Marlin Bar while watching the event.
  • Saturday 16th April – Social. Meet up at beer o’clock at our sponsors restaurant “Island Delights”, which is located in the shopping centre in town, where cold beer and once again great food will be available for purchase and this will be hosted by Beanne from “Island Bistro” and Peter from 3P’s diving. Once again we will be recapping the day’s events and misdemeanours.
  • Sunday 17th April – 3 island Challenge Race. This is the main event of the weekend with the course set in a figure of 8 conversing between the three islands of Logbon, Alad and Cobradore. This race comprises of line honours and handicapped honours. Skippers are required to submit their secret choice on the morning of the challenge of doing the figure of 8 clockwise or anti-clockwise. This is where the skills of the skipper and crew come into play. These decisions are only given to the race committee and no other skippers are entitled to know which course you have chosen. Once your decision has been submitted it cannot be changed.
  • Sunday 17th April – Yachts. If any yachts would like to participate as a spectator fleet and take any locals or families of the competitors on their boats that would be great. This will be advised at the skippers briefing prior to the start of the race.
  • Sunday 17th April – Presentation. This will be held at RYC premises located at Cajimos. Post mortems to be discussed and presentation of the prizes for all divisions. For all competitors there will be a free meal provided and 2 free drinks of your choice (beer, soft drink or water), this is included in your entry fee. There will also be beverages for sale. For all other persons there will be a small fee for the meal if they wish to purchase tickets. All decisions by the race committee will be final and maybe no bribery will be considered.

NOTES The race committee might have to move the courses for safety reasons and also to provide the best sailing conditions for competitors.

Hobies will be competing for the Traveller’s Series, therefore they can use 3iC or Mariners Sprint for their point scoring event.

Boat trailer transport has been generously sponsored by Navios Shipping Lines. A much reduced rate of P4,000 each way for a trailer makes the costing for the several boats on the one trailer very reasonable.

For transport and accommodation enquiries and bookings please contact David Kershaw on 0929 668 7875 or email dpkershaw@gmail.com

For each person sailing in the event an entrance fee of P750 will be charged, which includes a free meal and 2 drinks at the presentation night. T-shirts and caps will be available for purchase from RYC.

RYC wishes to thank their old and new sponsors for their continued support of our event.TopCat logoIsland Bistro logo